Medical Education Research Innovation Unit (MERIU) is lead by Prof. Dr Zamberi Sekawi, Deputy Dean Academic (Medicine), Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, UPM. It comprises of 4 areas that promote teaching and learning through research, while maintaining principal roles in student selection, curriculum design and delivery, blended learning, assessment and evaluation for medical program students. Each area is headed by a member of MERIU and active participation by several academicians with interest in medical education.



Teaching and Learning


This area is led by Assoc. Prof Dr. Syafinaz Amin Nordin with its aim to provide advice and feedback to enhance students’ learning experience, which involves, planning and organising professional development seminars and workshops; mainly on the good practices of educational training of academicians and latest educational strategies used in medical teaching.



Special sub-area is on E-learning which has received stronger cognizance with the advancement of technology. This area is led by Dr. Faridah Idris. It mainly encompasses activities which fuse learning with technology.







This area is led by Dr. Siti Khadijah Adam. This area looks into ensuring quality and fairness in the assessments/examination and compliance with best practices. Planning and organising faculty development training regarding assessment tools, development of assessment blueprints, standard-setting and development of question bank are among the main tasks in this area.




Professional and Personal development


This area is led by Dr. Puteri Shanaz Jahn Kassim with its aim to provide advice and feedback to facilitate the teaching of medical professionalism, incorporate and implement aspects of professionalism and professional identity formation in the curriculum. Activities include planning and organising faculty development programs addressing communication skills, giving effective feedback and assessment tool in professional and personal development.



Research and Innovation


This area is headed by Dr. Rafidah Hod, which facilitates educational research through projects, grant proposals, research publication, an educational platform for national and international networking and collaboration.