Medic Night 2018 is an annual dinner held by medical students to strengthen the bond between medical students of University Putra Malaysia. I was honoured as well as delighted to be selected as the director this year. As a first- time director, I was excited as well as afraid that I could not live up to the expectations.


Despite the fact that it is just one night, the preparation was a long and arduous one. The planning and operation phase took a full four months of preparation.


  Being the director, I have had my fair share of good and bad experiences throughout this event. One of the bad experiences that I could still relate to is the long hours of meetings with the committees to solve the crisis together. With packed schedule and meetings, it was indeed mentally and physically exhaustive to all of us.


There were times where I would have quit if it had not been the support I received from my friends and committees. Moreover, the amount of responsibilities which a director had to bear is enormous because any actions or decisions made by him or his members is a reflection on his capabilities as a leader. This pressure is further magnified when there are over 200 members under his supervision.


However, the times are not all bad either, I have enjoyed tremendously when I watched the performance from the first year students and the amount of dedication and spirit they have put in. Despite their own problems, they still continued to push themselves and for that, I truly respect them. I am also glad that I have the opportunity to be closer to my colleagues. I had the chance to work with every one of them, and it is without a doubt that they were the backbone for this event. Without them, it would not have worked at all.


As a director and a medical student at the same time, it is extremely crucial to have good time management to juggle these responsibilities. From my perspective, flexibility is the key to good management. Be whoever the situation that arises needs you to be. For instance, when an exam is coming up, it is important to assume the responsibility of a medical student but not as a director. Most of the time, conflicts and problems arise because of the inflexibility of the leader to adapt to their roles.


There is a saying, "when you fail to plan, you plan to fail." Being the director, I always prepare backups for backup plans for both the event and my academics. Multi-layered planning is always effective in risk reduction. By having a series of backup plans prepared beforehand, you will have the upper hand and less chances to fail.


Now that Medic Night is over, I am relieved and glad for the event to end in success. If I were given another chance, there is not a single thing I would change. I believe that all the decisions and actions made, regardless of the good and bad, has played their part in making that night a memorable one for all of us. In fact, I believe all of us have learnt something from that meaningful night. In short, I am nothing but proud and thankful of the people that has made Medic Night 2018 achieve new heights.

ALex Low.

2nd year medical student.